Disinfection solutions for the trivialization of medical waste

The Mini Das solution works in the same way as its big sisters Das Auto Process and Cyclo Das.

It is based on our microwave technology and a treatment activator (surfactants) to trivialize the DASRI of liberal professionals.

Indeed, Mini Das is aimed at general practitioners, nurses liberals, …

The main risk for you, professionals, in addition to potential accidents (bites, cuts, …), is the shelf life of the ICW within the office.

Unlike hospitals or laboratories that generate large quantities of waste and therefore treat them daily, you keep the ICW until you get enough for collection.

For example, in FRANCE, The storage periods are 72h for more than 100kg of waste per week, 7 days for more than 15 kg of waste per month to less than 100 kg of waste per week and 1 month for 5 to 15 kg of waste per month.

Storage of ICW is regulated according to quantities.

Our solution allows you to get rid of this constraint and minimize the risk of contamination due to your professional activity.