LP.Box, easy, durable and compact pulsed light disinfection

The LP.Box is a compact and ergonomic machine, in “office” format.

It allows disinfection of surfaces, liquids or products by eliminating the pathogens.

The LP.Box has been tested on several strains such as Escherichia Coli, Bacillus subtilis or even Aspergillus niger.

It also makes it possible to operate the degradation of phytotoxins, mycotoxins, alkaloids, phytosanitary residues and but also to decontaminate containers or samples.

Completely secure for the user, it does not require training.


The principle of pulsed light is based on the emission of polychromatic light covering a broad spectrum (200 to 1200 nm) by light flashes (between 1 μs and 100 ms by flash). Our expertise allows us to make the right adjustment depending products (wavelength, light intensity, pulse impact time, number of passes).

Thus, with the selection of particular wavelengths, pulsed light is used for the purpose of destroying pathogenic microorganisms.

The operation of the LP.Box is simple.

Simply place the product to be treated in the enclosure provided for this purpose. Then close the door and start the treatment cycle.

During the cycle, the door is locked and the user cannot access the content. Once the cycle is finished, a signal warns the user who can remove the decontaminated products.


The LP.Box will easily integrate into your installations. We have designed a compact product in “office” format in “Plug & Play” mode.


We offer you a sustainable, economical and future-proof alternative to chemical treatments for your treatment of disinfection and your laboratory experiments. By using SANODEV and its LP.Box technology, you opt for an innovative solution and technology.

Use cases

The LP.Box can meet very diverse needs. Our clients are hospitals, home help services, nursing, local shops, healthcare, postal and shipping professionals, etc.

We disinfect objects as varied as keys, smartphones, medical equipment (endoscope, stethoscope,…), packaging, mail, jars and food containers.

The LP.Box can be used to disinfect a very wide range of products. It can also be coupled to a conveyor and thus generating a continuous disinfection circuit.