Robot de désinfection par lumère pulsée

LighBot : IDAR is an autonomous and fast disinfection robot.

The innovation developed in collaboration with Wyca Robotics makes it possible to effectively disinfect spaces.

After mapping the space, the LightBot robot will be able to move autonomously in its environment while ensuring the safety of users and the public.


Technological : Pulsed light is a physical process that destroys pathogens.

Autonomous : The Lighbot robot moves autonomously and manages its own recharging on dock.

Ecological : The Lightbot robot offers an environmentally friendly treatment. The robot is designed and produced in France.

Smart : The Lightbot robot integrates many sensors allowing it to detect people and obstacles.


Hospitals, Ehpad, Companies, Communities, Offices, Workspaces, …

Disinfect care areas: rooms | emergency box | bed | switch | handle | ramp | …

Disinfect transport areas: plane | train | subway | bus | streetcar | …

Disinfect points of sale: supermarket | grocery store | fridge handle | door | cart | …