Disinfection solutions for the trivialization of medical waste

Infectious Clinical Waste (ICW) is, by definition, waste from the medical sector that presents an infectious risk because of the pathogens it contains.

Currently, the treatment of this waste is very heavy. It is necessary to organize a collection in the establishments (protocols pushed for the teams of care) then to transport this waste to incineration centers.

Administrative formalities are heavy and accidents are unfortunately unavoidable (1500 accidents / year due to bites in FRANCE).

To answer this problem, Sanodev has developed the Das Auto Process solution.

Das Auto Process is a pre-treatment system for on-site disinfection of ICW production without storage or transport of infected waste.

Our innovative solution Das Auto Process is a device that combines the action of a heat treatment (by microwave) and a treatment activator (surfactants) to transform the ICW into products similar to household waste.

Treated waste is varied : sharp / blood products or biological fluids / organic fragments / laboratory waste such as petri dishes, culture media, samples / syringe, needle, tubing, probe, cannula, drain, glove, …