Disinfection solutions, alternatives to the use of pesticides for fruits and vegetables

The agricultural sector is known to be one of the largest consumers of pesticides.

If we take the example of the apple, more than 200 chimicals products are likely to be found on the fruits consumed.

Also, we have developed Agro Clean Light, a post-harvest treatment that destroys germs with pulsed light technology.

The principle of pulsed light is based on the emission of a polychromatic light covering a broad spectrum (200 to 1200 nm) by light flashes (between 1 μs and 100 ms per flash). Our expertise allows us to make the right adjustment depending on the products (wavelength, light intensity, pulse impact time, number of passes).

Thus, with the selection of particular wavelengths, pulsed light is used for food preservation purposes by destroying pathogenic microorganisms.

Our products are very simple to install and will fit directly into your professional installations.

The pulsed light treatment reduces the loss

es due to decay and increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.



We offer you a sustainable, economical and future alternative to phytosanitary treatments for your crops and productions.

By appealing to Sanodev and its Agro Clean Light technology, you will extend the recovery time of organic production.

Whether you are a fruit and vegetable producer, a cooperative or an equipment supplier, our innovation will allow you to register sustainably (in terms of both environmental and economic aspects) in a forward-looking industry.