We favor innovative physical technologies (pulsed light, plasma, microwave, …) that respect the environment.


We offer total and reliable destruction of targeted pathogenic molecules or micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, …).


Our solutions are designed to offer greater profitability than existing solutions with a controlled cost for the client.


We design the disinfection tool that precisely meets your needs so that it fits naturally into your production process.

Sustainable disinfection technologies

Pulsed light

Pulsed light treatment is based on the emission of a polychromatic light, by flash, covering a wide spectrum. It allows the removal of pathogenic microorganisms and phytosanitary or medicinal residues.


Continuous UV

Continuous UV treatment is based on the continuous emission of ultraviolet light.
Non-chemical, it allows the disinfection of water and effluents but also the surface treatment and air with a microbial load.


Electric arc

The electric arc treatment is based on the emission of an electric discharge in water or in humid air in contact with the liquid to be treated. This phenomenon makes it possible to degrade the organic components combined with a germicidal effect.



This treatment is based on the same principle as domestic microwave ovens.
It consits in exciting the molecules and atoms of the body to be treated by the electromagnetic wave, which leads to a heating that eliminates microorganisms.





Plasma treatment consists of electrically charging a gas to produce free electrons, radicals, positive and negative ions, … These active species act with the surface of the food by destroying the germs (action causing cell lysis).




They trust us

An effective method


Sanodev draws up an exhaustive assessment of your needs according to your constraints, whether technical or economic.
The analysis phase is essential to the launch of the mission because it allows us to fine-tune our intervention and make it efficient.



Following the analysis phase, we will design the product that will meet your needs.
Thanks to the expertise of our engineers, it will embody the specifications that we will validate together.
Reliable and durable, our products are designed specifically for each customer.



Once the product has been designed and validated, it is time to manufacture. In accordance with the characteristics established during the design phase, the product is manufactured and assembled entirely within our workshop.
Once tested and validated, it is delivered to you.




Sanodev delivers and installs your product on site.
The installation also concerns the adaptation of our products to your working line in accordance with the features of the initial specifications.
Our technical team will train you in order to perfectly the use of the product.





Sanodev also takes care of the maintenance of the delivered products. Responsive and attentive, our team of technicians can, depending on the problem identified, assist you remotely or work directly on site.





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